Route Recon is a powerful mobile GPS-navigation app that emphasizes the use of deliberate route planning, resulting in enhanced travel security and risk mitigation.

Next-Generation Navigation

Route Recon represents an evolutionary step forward in GPS-navigation technology.
By merging physical security principles with GPS-navigation, Route Recon gives travelers a decisive edge, especially while travelling in unfamiliar or high-threat areas. Our app represents a hybridization of travel planning, mapping, navigation, and emergency messaging, specifically for those who require more from their GPS-navigation app than simply going from Point-A to Point-B.
Route Recon will help you plan and safely execute your trip, avoiding potential threats along the way.

Emerging Threats

While the world is a wondrous place to be explored and enjoyed, every year, threats to travelers continue to rise. Traveler safety is frequently compromised due to intentional targeting, natural occurring incidences, and inadvertent occurrences, such as vehicle accidents. Route Recon allows you to deliberately plan your travel route by identifying and marking danger zones, hazard areas, safe havens, and landmarks, all of which affect decision-making during transit and crisis response. Travelers no longer need to trust their safety and well-being to fate. You can choose to be a hard target!

How it Works
How it Works

The Route Recon app can function as a common operating picture for two or more users, or stand alone as a complete, travel-ready solution for the individual.

Plan and Share Your Route

Enter your starting point and destination, then mark identified high-risk areas, adding relevant intel to the map. Use waypoints to navigate around high-risk areas such as choke points. Route Recon will enable you to create a route, navigating around areas that represent greater risk. When going around isn’t an option, Route Recon will alert the user of any predetermined danger zones where heightened situational awareness is necessary. Instantly share your route plan allowing for live-tracking, enabling an over-watch to observe your progress. In case of emergency, use the in-app SOS-feature to signal the need for assistance, sending critical report-locate data to pre-designated contacts.

Works Without
Cell Phone Service

Route Recon will continue to work even if you’ve lost cell phone service. You will still be able to navigate to your intended destination using the pre-determined route and security markers, based upon your phone’s GPS.

Data Security

Route Recon uses industry-standard security measures to protect user profiles, data, and travel information. We make sure that our code is immune against reverse engineering and that all gateways are secured.

Once you part ways with a traveling companion, you can remove their ability to view your activity. If their cell phone should fall into unfriendly hands, prior and current activities will not be visible or accessible.

Tactical Advantage

Route Recon functions as a common operating picture for two or more users, or stand alone as a complete, mission-ready solution for the individual. Route Recon’s ground-travel planning and execution capabilities, gives you and your team the advantage in high-risk areas by enhancing spatial and situational awareness. Instantly share your route plan allowing for live-tracking, enabling an over-watch to observe your progress along the pre-determined route. In case of emergency, use the in-app SOS-feature to signal assistance, sending critical report-locate data to pre-designated contacts. By converging emergency planning, route execution, and emergency reporting, now, crisis response is only a button-push away. The ability to call for help and to get help, when it is most needed, especially when traveling abroad where local first-responder capability is limited, is critical to keeping you and fellow travelers safe and secure. Thanks to Route Recon, there is no need to leave your safety and security to fate.

Route Recon is Great For:

Traveling unfamiliar or non-permissive areas where maintaining the highest level of security is mandatory. When circumstances prevent planning (i.e. ridesharing, taxi, public transportation, etc.) you can share your position in real-time. During transit to your destination, if an emergency occurs, use in the in-app SOS-feature to notify pre-designated contacts capable of leveraging the required response.

Corporate Travel Management Programs
Corporate Travel Management Programs

Employers have an ethical and legal responsibility for the health, safety, and security of their employees. Route Recon supports employer duty of care responsibilities and enhances existing corporate travel management and security programs to enhance support when employees need it most.

Security Industry

Route Recon is used by the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community as a trusted mission planning and execution tool. A target’s greatest vulnerability is during transit. That’s why professionals “mission plan,” analyzing intended routes for choke points, danger zones, safe havens, and landmarks, which directly support decision-making and actions taken during a threat situation.

Vacation and Adventure Travel

At any given time, the U.S. Department of State has over 200 active travel advisories for multiple countries around the world. Enjoy the convenience of in-app travel advisory updates. Why leave your safety and security to chance? Route Recon will give you and your traveling companions an extra layer of added security, allowing you to focus on enjoying your adventure, instead of guessing whether you’ve accidentally ventured into an unsafe area.


You can instantly see where children are on the Route Recon map, in real-time. No more guessing or wondering if they’ve made it to their destination safely.

Corporate Travel Management Programs
Emergency Management

The deliberate planning methodology used by Route Recon is rooted in the critical phases of emergency management including prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery. Plan evacuation routes, instantly locating and reuniting with others who have the app installed on their phone. Knowing exactly where all your party members are at any given time enables decision-making and response. While Route Recon is a navigation app, it is so much more, enhancing actions before, during and after a crisis event.

In a world of emerging security threats, take control and affect the outcome!
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