Flashpoint is proud to be a veteran-owned company with years of military-Security and Crisis Management experience, mission planning and execution in high-risk environments, around the world. Experience at the tactical, operational and strategic levels, as well as, an extensive background in emergency planning and counter-terrorism allows our team to develop innovative threat solutions that enhance safety and security of travelers.

Route Recon is different from other GPS-navigation apps in that it encourages the deliberate planning methodology, rooted in professional security and military practices. Most GPS-navigation apps simply route a user from point-A to point-B, which fails to take into account the many threats facing travelers. Route Recon® provides a suite of tools assisting travelers with spatial and situational awareness, which in turn enhances the traveler’s ability to respond in the face of danger. By supporting planning, travel route execution, live-location sharing, and emergency SOS-messaging, Route Recon represents an evolutionary step forward in GPS-navigation technology. Years of experience has taught us that travelers are disadvantaged. To change that, Route Recon looks to give travelers the same decisive edge as military and security personnel. Let us help you by leveraging our experience in high-risk environments to enhance the safety and security of your next trip.